Shipping and delivery information

Shipping and delivery information

• The shipping value is fixed for all products to be delivered in Riyadh city only for SAR 30.

• Shipping value for all products is determined after selecting and specifying the address and shipping by Smsa Express.

• Delivery within 24 hours within Riyadh area up to 4 days for all regions of the Kingdom.

• Your shipment number will be sent after confirmation of payment and processing of the order within one working day.

• When the shipment number arrives on your personal email or mobile number, you can track your shipment by:

        - Smsa Express 9999 92000 phone and give them the shipment number.

        - Visit the website of Simsa and enter the shipment number.

Delivery terms ( By Smsa Express )

• For your choice of home delivery, the delivery representative will usually arrive home from 9am to 2pm.

• The representative will contact you when the order is received.

• If this happens, you should follow up with Smsa and receive your application.

• If you are interested in the morning period, choose to connect to the nearest branch of Smsa where there are more than 300 branches in the Kingdom and receive them at any time.